How To Pay For College Using Financial Aid

How To Pay For College

Add Your Scholarship to our Database

We would be happy to add your scholarship to our database! 

In order to ensure that your scholarship is valid, we ask that your request be submitted on Company or School letterhead through the US Postal Service. Please send requests to:
6175 Hickory Flat Hwy
STE 110, PMB 116
Canton, GA 30115

Please include the following information:

  • Scholarship Name

    Scholarship Sponsor

    Scholarship Sponsor Company address and phone number

    Application Submission Deadline



    Scholarship Requirements

    Your Name, phone number and e-mail address

    Your Company or School Address and phone number

After verifying that the scholarship is valid, we will add it to our database, and let you know that it has been posted. There is no charge to have your scholarship included in the database, and we will only list scholarships that don't require a fee from the applicants. There is no charge to our users to view the information in our scholarship database.